Thursday, May 24, 2007

What is this Public Radio Quest thing?

Sometimes when James isn’t with me I turn the dial to 91.5, Chicago Public Radio. He says that public radio puts him to sleep, and he sleeps enough as it is, so I try not to risk it. As I was listening one day I heard them say that they were looking for new and unusual talent. I thought…”I’m unusual.” I don’t know if that’s exactly what they said, but I’m certainly different than the “usual” suspects.

I actually wrote the website down on a receipt that I found on the floor while I was driving…typical Highland Park behavior (see related story). I rushed home, checked it out and bought a mic at Best Buy. I always thought it was weird when people had mics for their computers because computers are for WRITING, not talking. Anyway, my teenager installed it a matter of seconds and opened up sound recorder. I was so excited.

I started recording the two minute monologue I wrote during M*A*S*H* commercials the night before. It was the episode where Henry Blake is discharged. I’m so glad that it only took me two commercial breaks because that ending is one of the saddest moments in television history. I digress. I tried to upload the file for three days and failed to make the deadline because of a traffic issue on the site. These people actually contacted me and allowed those of us who failed initially to reenter the contest. It was all so democratic. It’s late in the game, but HEY, at least I’m there.

So, I’ve entered this American-Idol-like contest on the air. It’s got so many interesting people. It’s like My Space for academics. I’m not in that group, but I’m faking it. This is where my acting training comes in handy. There are some VERY interesting forum topics, and I’m thrilled to say that I submitted a perfect elementary 5-7-5 haiku on one of them. Check it out and vote for me if you have a chance. You can get to the site with the green banner on the right, or follow my link to my audio file. I’d much appreciate it. I’m thinking in haiku right now.

The dog is barking
Cats sit on couch staring wildly
Dog must be on crack

Anyway, here’s the link…